Web-Based Business Ideas 2019

The year 2019 is the year where most people, especially young ones, start their own businesses. Some of them have offline businesses and some of them have online businesses or web-based business ideas. The latter seems to be dominating the business world though. Not to mention, most of the business owners are usually those who are still in school. Mostly college students but you will find some high school students or fresh graduates starting online businesses. Is it profitable? Is it fun? Well, the answer to those questions is yes. Most online businesses will bring you great profit and they are fun to do because you do not have to stick behind your desk all day long. You can stay at home and still making money. All you need is, of course, well-speed internet and gadgets.


The first web-based business idea that you can do is blogging. It may seem petty and unprofitable, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to receive great profit. Do keep in mind that to get the money, you need to constantly write on your blog. Of course, what you write on your blog needs to be interesting, unique, and related to the world’s problems. People usually like to read blogs who give tips, how to do something and give a review. You can also start making money by selling ad space, eBooks, digital products, and many more.

Affiliate Marketing

The second online business idea that you can do is affiliate marketing. To put it simply, affiliate marketing is a way to get money from promoting someone else’s products. You can promote products like ebooks, video series, digital products, membership sites, and many more. Usually, you will get up to 50% commission when you promote those products. Not only that but affiliate marketing has low barriers to entry and you can partner up with Amazon.


The last web-based business idea that you can do is be a YouTuber. Just like blogging, being a YouTuber does not simply upload a video. You need to be creative and keep up to date about what is going on in the world. Hot news, hot issues, and also new trends. Usually, people to see unboxing videos, reviewing videos, daily vlogs, and makeup reviews. If you love to travel or eat, you can also make YouTube content out of them. You can show places that you have already visited, doing mukbang, doing ASMR, or doing a challenge or a prank.