Nintendo Online Games You Can Play

For those who have been living in the ’90s must sure know Nintendo as a game device. Nintendo was a very famous device that had many kinds of games to play in. Even though today Play station and other devices are available, but Nintendo’s game is still famous. Many people still play Nintendo online games whether online or offline.

Some of the best games are very fun to play alone or with friends. These days, even though you don’t have a Nintendo you can still play them online. Most of the games available online are free and fast. So, try out the best Nintendo online games below to bring back your memory:

1. Super Mario Kart

A legend game in Nintendo must be the Super Mario Kart, a racing game. The game is easy to play, but addicting making it stops to play. The game is interesting because of its characters and the flow itself. There is Mario, Luigi, Toon Link and many more. You can play the game online or go against your friend for this game. These days, there are more options of places for the racing and more variants of weapons. Therefore, the game is now more advanced and interesting.

 2. Ice Hockey

One of the Nintendo online games that are also still famous until today is Ice Hockey. In this game, you will be able to play hockey against the computer or your friend. It is still a simple and refreshing game to play, whether you are a kid or an adult. However, they did upgrade the game into famous teams available these days. The picture and graphics are also not too old.

 3. Angel Land Story

A classic and vintage game online is Kid Icarus – Angel Lang Story. Despite the name, the game is very easy to play by any age. The point of the games it to jump as high as you can, going through enemies and obstacles. The higher you get the more point you will receive. Collect some apples through the way up to achieve a higher score.

 4. Sonic

A game that many people usually play in the old days and now available online is Sonic the Hedgehog. As Super Mario, this is also a legend game in the ’90s. In this game, people must go collect as many coins and fruits. And at the end of each road people must go against an enemy. To continue to the next level, they must win against the enemy. A game that never gets boring especially if you play it with a friend.

 5. Pacman

An old, simple and fun game to play is Pacman. The purpose of the game is to eat all the dots in the maze without getting eaten by the enemy. When you eat fruit, you will then be able to eat enemies. You will end the level when you can eat all the dots. Try to eat all the enemies too, to get a higher score.

These are some of the famous and top Nintendo online games that are fun to play. They are free, and not heavy for your computer. So, it is very recommended to play them. Have some fun and bring back your memory by playing these Nintendo games.