Guide for You: What to Prepare in Build a Startup Business

Interested to start a business but still confused about what to do first? Want to know what to prepare in build a startup business? Here is the guide for your preparation!

1. A Business Plan

To build startup business means pioneer something from the zero. So, making planning is the basic thing that has to do. As a foundation, planning has a very crucial role in the future of the business.

The planning is included in any aspect, such as deciding business goals and how to achieve it. More deeply, it can be about determining the kind of business and kind of people to be targeted. Planning financial needs and management is also very important.

2. Funding

There are many ways to get funding. One of them you can try is bootstrap. This is maybe the hardest way to do. It is because you have to start the business from a very basic level with limited sources. Then let it make money by itself slowly.

An easier way is to cooperate with some investors. You can get much funding at once if you’ve found the investor. But it could be hard too if you are not able to convince them to give their source to you.

One thing you have to pay attention to if you want to attract an investor is the legality. The investors won’t be willing to cooperate if your business legality is lack. It is also applied when you think to get a loan from a bank.

3. Legality

As we know that the investors will be careful about the legality, then it should be a priority for you. It is including business license, building permit, until brand register.

Not only for the reason of investor, but legality is also a legal foundation for a startup business. It can be a guarantee that your business is permitted and supported by the government. Therefore, your consumer will trust you more.

4. A Solid Team

The startup business is usually building with passion. A founder gets together with the others that have the same interest, then exchange ideas with each other. They think about how to make what they love can be more useful at least for themselves.

But the similarity doesn’t mean the same goal and way. Hence, you need to know who is fit with your thought. So that you can determine the direction of your business without any conflict.

5. Marketing Strategy

No people know about your company and products unless you do marketing and promote it. So marketing is very important to support the continuation of your startup business. But as a newcomer business, you need to choose the most effective marketing strategies.

The most popular way to do marketing these days is by utilizing the internet. Make a website and write as much as possible information that will convince people to use your products or services. Manage it to look professional to increase people’s trust.

Social media is the next step. Make accounts in some popular social media and produce interesting content. Then, try to attract people to visit the main website.

If you have less skill in this field, you can pay an expert to do it. And of course, the cost must be managed before on the planning.

Those are 5 things you need to learn about what to prepare in build a startup business. Don’t be afraid to build a startup, because business is about learning by doing.