Best Thriller Series All the Time You Must See on Netflix

There are many kinds of movie genres you might now. But there is no one can battle a thriller movie. This genre seems to unite all genres into one frame. Horror, sci-fi, comedy, even romance. Thus, thriller movies are always a success, or at least it attracts people with curiosity. The viewer won’t leave their seat because if they miss a scene, they need to rewind a little bit to enjoy the next story. As Netflix offers public with numerous movies, we will share with you the best thriller series all the time that you can find on Netflix.

You will feel different sensations when watching a thriller series instead of one-finished movie. Watching series keeps you curious. Thus, it is fun to wait for the new episode, whether for every day or every week. We have a list below about the best thriller series all the time on Netflix. It is okay if you feel the movie is so last year. Because there is no outdated when you are watching a thriller movie. Now sit down and explore these series below:

1. Mindhunter

In 2019, Netflix released the second season of this movie. Thus, there is no hesitation that Mindhunter one of the favorite movies for Netflix’s viewer. The story is about FBI agents, Holden Ford and Bill Tench, who work together with a psychologist, Wendy Carr. They operate the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit at FBI Academy, Virginia. Watching this movie, you will understand what’s inside the killer’s mind. In every season, Mindhunter shows one case to be solved.

2. Stranger Things

Netflix released the first season in 2016. Until now, in September 2019, this movie is in four seasons. In its eight episodes of the first season, this movie got critic due to their claim for characterization, acting, until the soundtrack. However, this series was awarded by many nominations, including for Outstanding Drama Series. Capturing the rural life of Hawkins, Indiana, this movie shows you about the secret experiment into paranormal and supernatural activities.

3. You

“You” is an adoption film from its original novel title. The novel was published in 2014, then Netflix officially showed it to the public in December 2018. We can say that “You” is a new series on Netflix, but it successfully attracted millions of viewers. You can see the second season in December 2019. The story is about a book store manager, Joe Goldberg, who meets the aspiring writer, Guinevere Beck. He suddenly infatuated with her. It makes an obsession inside himself.

4. Ozark

Ozark is also known as the crime drama movie. You can find season one and two on Netflix. Since 2017, Netflix showed it for its viewers. In August 2018, Netflix launched the second season, but it was renewed for the third season in October 2018. The story is about a financial planner and his wife move to Ozark. Then, the conflicts began, starting from money laundering until drug cartel.

5. What/If

You really must watch this because What/If movie is a neo-noir thriller. You might not familiar with this term. Neo-noir is typically a crime movie in the 1940s until the 1950’s. What happened inside the movie is all the unexpected thing. Yes, this movie successfully gains curiosity.

Watching thriller movie could be more fun at night. You can feel the real thrilling sensation. But it is okay to have it for your weekend too. Actually, there are still lots of best thriller series all the time on Netflix. Before you explore more, just find those five movies above first.