Best iPhone Gamepad That will Make Your Live Easier!

In the whole world, people usually like to play a game on their phones. It is because the phone is affordable and easy to bring everywhere. It getting more slim so you can put it in your pocket, your bag, or wherever. However, many people said the best phone to play a game is an iPhone. iPhone has a touch screen and there is no button on the control area. That was the main reason why people usually need an iPhone gamepad to feel more comfortable.

Not only a great graphic, but the iPhone also offers you many games to play. While you play a game, are your hands getting wet sometimes? It is very uncomfortable I know, you should spend more energy to control your game. That’s why many companies start to produce an iPhone gamepad. There are many gamepad you can use, but here are some of the best on it.

1. iControlPad

Did you ever wonder to play a game on phone but using a joystick-like in PlayStation? Well, this gamepad offers you the same experience. Moreover, this gamepad is connected with your phone using Bluetooth tools. This gamepad not only for iPhone but also can be used in Android. Above all, this gamepad allows you playing a fight or adventure game on your phone with a better control.

2. ION iCade

This is the famous one gamepad where it looks like a ding-dong machine. The old you should be ever playing this game when you’re just a kid in the cinema. However, there are available two different iCade for iPhone. First, iCade Jr., it has a solid shape with 4 buttons and 1 joystick for control. The second one is the iCade mobile, you can play many games in portrait or landscape with this gamepad.

3. iCade 8 Bitty

This machine will bring back your old memories while you playing Nintendo with a wood box. Because this machine has a shape like that one but improved with the newest technology. Besides, you can use this gamepad in some android but not all. Above all, there are available many games which compatible with this gamepad. For example, there are Pac man, Atari Collection, and many more.

4. App Blaster iPhone Gun

Have you ever wonder to play a game with a similar weapon like the real one? Well, this gamepad offers you the experience to handle a weapon like in real war. This App Blaster is using your back camera to record everything in front of it. As a result, the screen will appear a monster for you and you need to shoot them. On the other hand, this gamepad just only can use in the Apptoyz Allen Attack game.

5. appWheel iPhone

Feeling difficulty in control of a racing game because it has a bad sensitivity accelerometer? This iPhone gamepad should be the answer for you. In other words, this gamepad will help you to control the vehicle because of its steering wheel shape. As a result, you don’t need to think about the accelerometer on the iPhone and can be focused to enjoy your game.

iPhone is still the number one choice for anyone who wants to play games on their phone. You can upgrade the control with those 5 iPhone gamepads and get a better experience.