5 Best Samples Of Learning Project To Enlarge Your Knowledge

In this modern life, education has been developed to be larger. Many researchers or even teachers and university students try to make a new contribution to education especially in the best samples of learning project. The learning project is common research that many people try to conduct. Even it was common research, people still interesting to make a learning project for many purposes. One of the purposes is to enlarge the students’ knowledge. Thus, if the learning project was effective, it will be applied in the teaching and learning process.

In this chance, I will be your inspiration by showing the 5 best samples of leaning project which is effective to enlarge the students’ knowledge. Here are them.

1. Students’ Farm

Science is one of the difficult subjects which are many students dislike. Unfortunately, many teachers also get many difficulties in order to teach science. Therefore, the students’ farm can be applied into this case. When you think that your learning strategy was not effective to teach science for students, you may try to use this learning project. Not only about science but you can also teach about geography, math, social studies, economics, and many others. Students’ farm means that you teach the students by nature and the real material.

2. Shiny Applications

The second learning project is by using the application. In this modern life, students like to learn by using the application. Therefore, as a teacher, you also need to understand this phenomenon. Let them learn by the application. Find the one which is suitable for the material.

3. Build the Bridge

For the engineering students, this build the bridge learning project will be suitable. Then, it is like practicing the theory about bridges. The teachers should guide their students to make the bridge. They must construct everything on the bridge by themselves. Therefore, students will build their ability to practicing their knowledge to make a bridge.

4. Write A Letter For Congressman

This best samples of learning project is a very unique idea. The teacher will allow their students to make a small group and having a discussion about the problem that occurred in the country. One group will be the writer of the letter and write any problem that happens. Then, they will send the letter into the group which becomes the congressman. The congressman group should answer the problem with logical and useful solutions.

5. Media Development

The media development will be a useful learning project which is useful to apply in the teaching and learning process. In this learning project, the student will make their own media such as website, an article, and many others. The message should contain the positive and negative of an issue. The teacher should divide them into 2 groups, one of them is negative and another group is positive.

The 5 best samples of learning project are the learning project that suitable for you to try. After trying one of the previous learning projects, hopefully, you can get your goal even makes a new learning project or even get your students to be smarter than before.