5 Best 2019 Movies You Have to Watch That Will Blow You Away

Do you feel that time is spinning very fast and will change to 2020? Even though in 2019 there is still about a month left, so many cool movies have been released. Of the many movies that have been released, there are 5 2019 movies you have to watch.

For those of you who haven’t watched any movies in 2019, you can watch the following recommended movies. However, it does not hurt if you watch the movies again because it has a very exciting story. Here are 5 of the 2019 movies you have to watch:

1.     Avengers: Endgame

The follow-up movie series from The Avengers was released on May 3, 2019. Meanwhile, the making of this movie has been started since August 2017 in Georgia. Avengers Endgame is a continuation of the previous series of The Avengers namely Avengers: Infinity War.

This movie tells about a group of superheroes that must unite opinions, thoughts, and physical to be able to help the surrounding community. This movie has a long duration, which is 3 hours. You will find drama, battles, until sad moments at the end of the movie.

2.     Midsommar

This movie has the same resemblance to the movie Hereditary. One such resemblance is that these two movies share the story of a sect. Midsommar itself is not a horror movie that relies on jumpscare or ghost sightings.

This movie prefers to provoke fear in the audience by playing with your psychological side. So, you will feel very uncomfortable when watching this movie. Midsommar has qualities that make it a great potential to become one of the classic horror works.

3.     Toy Story 4

This movie is a continuation of Toy Story 1 – 3. This movie tells a love comedy from 3D computer animation. Woody and Buzz are looking for a toy with the name Bo Peep. The main character, Woody is stranded on an island and is alone adventuring to live life.

He also looked for ways to get back home. This movie has a setting in the sea and on the beach. Of course, this will add to the excitement of the adventure because Toy Story is usually only set at home.

4.     Shazam

If Marvel has Deadpool, DC has a childish superhero, Shazam. Shazam’s presence proves that DC superhero films can have lighter stories. Furthermore, Shazam is an example of a superhero who has its own uniqueness compared to the majority of the DC superheroes.

This movie tells the story of a superhero who was originally a young boy, namely Billy Batson. Then, he got strength from a witch. Thus, you will watch a comedy about a child who suddenly gets superpowers.

5.     Spider-Man: Far From Home

This movie is one of the 2019 movies you have to watch. Furthermore, this movie tells the story of Peter Parker who must continue to live after losing Tony Stark. Moreover, you will see what the world will react to after Iron Man died in the war against Thanos.

Feeling bored, Peter decided to take a vacation with his friends to Europe. But he could not vacation calmly because the problems still follow him. This moment also became a round of meeting him with Mysterio from other universes.

Those are 2019 movies you have to watch. Although 2019 will end soon, maybe you can still enjoy the movie. So, out of the five movies, what would you make the best movie in 2019?